The floors which we walk upon, are a sum of all parts working in cohesion. We can’t stress enough the importance of selecting the perfect products that are created for the exact application in which they will be installed in order to achieve the desired results. We can assist in not only selecting the appropriate product, but ensuring the right mixture of performance, style, and price point, in order to create REAL VALUE!


Its always best to have the chance to get out in the field and explore and dissect projects ahead of time in order to not only properly serve our clients, but also to have a firm grasp and complete understanding of the task at hand. With that being said please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time, as we would be glad to offer our expertise as well as a chance to see what we have to offer.


Featuring an experienced, diverse, educated, and highly skilled group of professional installers, we hang our hat on RESULTS! We pride ourselves on continued education and achieving all possible certifications, as we recognize the importance of keeping up with the appropriate processes and practices of an ever evolving floor covering industry. No matter what the task, we make sure to cover all the bases and utilize the latest in technology in every way possible to offer the most cutting edge, innovative techniques and equipment. Thanks to this commitment to providing our customers with excellence, we can proudly afford to offer our clients the assurance that we will undoubtedly stand behind our labor with no exceptions!

Some of the materials we install:

  • Carpet Tile Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Broadloom Composite Vinyl Tile (VCT)
  • Ceramic Tile Rubber Flooring
  • Sheet Vinyl Wall base/Flash Cove
  • Laminte Plank Engineered/Solid Woods

Through our patented furniture jacking system, we have the ability to lift and suspend cubicles and office furniture high enough to be able to remove existing carpet and replace with new carpet tile. In this process, only smaller, more manageable pieces of furniture need to be completely removed from the work areas, resulting in zero downtime with overnight installations, presenting a substantial savings for clients in terms of furniture moving and storage costs as well as eliminating the need to displace staff members to a different location during the installation process. Essentially your staff will return to work in the morning with a gorgeous new installation done seamlessly on off hours!


The removal of existing material and adhesives can be extremely rigorous and sometimes requires heavy duty equipment, however it still remains one of the more overlooked parts of the floor covering process. We offer a wide range of services to remove existing material from place in owner supplied dumpsters, to hauling away rubbish, down to repacking and palletizing old carpet and shipping it to environmentally friendly recycling facilities at our clients request!


In a medical/clean room environment sometimes the most affective products need to be installed in some not so ideal conditions. Moisture content, is the single greatest cause of failures on the hard surface side of floor covering industry as most floor products are not constructed to achieve a satisfactory bond to the substrate at a level over 85% relative humidity. However, we can identify and rectify this challenge by first inserting probes into the concrete slab in order to test its moisture content and therefore identify troublesome areas so they can be addressed by forming an affective mitigation plan. By and large the first step of the process is to clean the floor of completely of all contaminants, and then shot blast the concrete to a course, porous surface which enables the floor to properly receive the epoxy barrier, which in turn disables the moisture from pushing upward to unsettle the finished floor! This is an extremely specialized task only performed by the most skilled, experienced, and well trained group around.


Prior to the installation of most floors, particularly during structural renovation where elevations and uniformity have been compromised, self-leveling compound must be mixed and poured on site in order to create the perfect subfloor in order to ensure a long lasting quality installation. Finish products can only perform as well as the underlayment they adhere to. We only use the finest, tried and proven leveling and floor patching compound available from our German partners!